Friday, 16 December 2011

Secret underground hacking organization uncovered?

Recently, the FBI has found a secret underground hacking community, also known as "4chan". If you replace the "n" in "4chan" with a "k", it's an anagram for "4hack", this probably being their secret, now uncovered. The hacking website also contains a lot of illegal images, the most popular being "furry", "incest" and "gay" porn images. They try to hide these misdoings by using foreign languages in their words such as "cheeze pizza". Although, with our advanced technology, discovered this is also an anagram for "child porn". I also spent 10 minutes on the board "/b/", which means "forward slash boron forward slash", and found out that they are also racist, and quite sexist, both of which are illegal. I kindly asked what exactly was going on this "secret website" and I had responses such as "newfag" and "candy-ass". I assume these are secret hacker languages. We put it through our state of the art decryption programmes, and it turns out "newfag" is a term for homosexuals who are new to having sex, and "candy-ass" is a term used when having sexual intercourse with animals. I have reported this site to the FBI, and I hope this illegal website gets taken down by SOPA.

Will anything ever be here?

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